Dolce Torres - CEO
Dolce Torres, CEO - NEGLIA Construction & Painting

Delce Torres

Delce has been a painter for 16 years. He got his first painting job when he was living in South Dakota. In South Dakota he quickly learned the painting business for both residential and commercial projects. He later moved to Vista CA, in North County San Diego and started working for local company PERFECT PAINTING. Within a year he moved up the ranks and his boss trusted Delce to run crews and project managing.

Over the years in the construction industry he also became a master at drywall and finish carpentry. He later decided to branch off on his own and became a journey man Painter, Drywall Installer, and Molding Installer. Delce meet Bart through his cousin Bauldel from Baudel Lopez Landscaping and Tree Service.

Bart Neglia - Founder
Bart Neglia, Founder - NEGLIA Construction & Painting

Bart J. Neglia

Bart is the son of a Sicilian immigrant Bart Neglia Sr. Bart Jr. started working in the construction industry at a very young age. At age 14 he was digging ditches and cleaning up his Father’s construction sites. When Bart was 23 his Father and his Father’s business partner Bruce D. Wiegand felt confident enough to have Bart project manage their 2.5 million dollar custom homes. Bart learned from the best and most respected Contractors in North County San Diego: Greg Write, Chris Bell, Bruce D. Wiegand, and Marty Brumfield.

Throughout the years in the business, Bart became a jack of all trades. The trades he enjoyed the most were Painting, Drywall and Carpentry. He became licensed in 2010 and decided to form his own company with help of his friend Delce Torres from Torres Painting. Delce and Bart share the same work ethic and values. They felt that their Painting, Drywall and Baseboard installation expertise can be beneficial to their customers and General Contractors.

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